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Sacred Spring
Jurassic Minerals
Aged 160 million years!

Do you want to increase your energy, feel good and stay well? If so, this information is for you.

The contents of every bottle of Sacred Spring Jurassic Minerals were once part of Flora that flourished during our Earth’s Jurassic age 160 million years ago. These are the plants that provided the foundation of our food chain. Some of these plants still flourish on our planet today, an example of this are the giant Ginko Biloba trees whose leaves are used for their medicinal value. These very special ancient plants provide those of us who use them with the uniquely arranged elements that give us energy, make us strong and keep us well. Sacred Spring Jurassic Minerals contains every element that the human body is made of. The thing that makes these elements special in today’s world is that these elements are arranged in the special ways that our bodies need. Because our bodies must rebuild themselves daily, we must have all of these elements, not just the few that most diets contain. These elements are critical if we are to stay strong and healthy throughout our lives. Since we are not equipped to get these elements from the soil, they must be extracted from the soil and preassembled into usable compounds by the food that we eat. Sacred Spring is your safety net to assure that you get all the elements in just the right form. How you feel and how healthy you stay throughout your lifetime depends on your access to these elements. If you were to analyze your current diet, you would find it woefully deficient in many of these critical elements. These deficiencies are responsible for the way you feel, i.e., lack of energy, susceptibility to disease etc. In today’s world scientists are paid to find profitable quick fixes that address the symptoms of our health problems, as a result, the use of chemical stimulants and drugs are the norms. These kinds of remedies do nothing to treat the underlying causes of our problems. In the long term they undermine our bodies ability to deal with problems by disrupting our natural, healthy chemical balance.

Sacred Spring Jurassic Minerals provides us with the minerals that are our body’s critical building blocks without radically changing our diet.

Our current food supply is unable to provide us with many required elements because commercial farming depleted the worlds prime farm grounds of minerals many years ago. Once the soil was depleted, it was necessary to create hybrid plants capable of growing and producing high yields in soils that could be cheaply fertilized with readily available chemicals.

Commercial farming practices have led to double trouble for our diets and our health. First the soil was depleted and secondly, science created genetically altered plants to grow in nutritionally deficient soil. Virtually all of the vegetables most of us buy today have been hybrid to produce increased quantities of marketable produce at a minimum cost. This means that even if today’s hybrid vegetables were grown in good soil, they may not be able to provide us with the nutrients we need. Recently science evolved from simple cross breeding of plants to direct genetic engineering.

The international biotechnology agency ISAAA reports that cultivation areas for GM crops have expanded by 20 per cent to 81 million hectares worldwide in 2004. The number of farmers who use genetic engineering rose by nearly 18 per cent to 8.25 million.

Our food supply is so deficient in needed minerals that governments routinely mandate the addition of minerals in processed foods in order to prevent the outbreak of disease. The problem with these food additives is that they are simple man made compounds and not the complex phytochemicals found naturally in food. Our bodies are designed to use elements assembled biologically and we must have them in this form if we are to achieve complete nutrition and optimal health.

The ultimate solution to this global problem is the remineralization of our farmlands and the reintroduction of plants that provide real nutritional value.

Sacred Spring Jurassic Jurassic Minerals will restore all of the missing elements to our diets but because they are a natural phenomenon they are a finite resource. There is not enough for everyone, when it is gone, it’s gone. The bad news is there is only one known source in the world. The good news is, it has an indefinite shelf life; it has survived intact for 160 million years. There is still time to create your own private reserve to help preserve your health until food quality improves.

You may listen to a radio drama telling the story of the discovery of this remarkable resource at tjclarkminerals.com where you will also find a complete ingredient list.

Beware of imitations:
Jurassic Minerals is a product of T. J. Clark & Company. Jurassic Minerals are unique! Its complex chemistry cannot be duplicated synthetically nor is it the same as other products from different sources. Only Colloidal Mineral products produced by T. J. Clark have a history of over 80 years of safety and effectiveness. Due to the effectiveness of this product, many dubious imitations have emerged in the marketplace calling themselves “colloidal minerals”, “ionic minerals” and “fulvic acid formulas. ” Many of these products erroneously claim to be the same or from the same or similar source. To verify your source call 1-800-228-0872, 1-435-634-0309 or email