Pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6)

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that exists in three major chemical forms: pyridoxine, pyridoxal, and pyridoxamine. It performs a wide variety of functions in your body and is essential for your good health. For example, vitamin B6 is needed for more than 100 enzymes involved in protein metabolism. It is also essential for red blood cell metabolism. The nervous and immune systems need vitamin B6 to function efficiently, and it is also needed for the conversion of tryptophan (an amino acid) to niacin (a vitamin).

Pyridoxine is helpful in alleviating water retention. It also helps produce hydrochloric acid, and absorb fats and protein. B6 can help maintain Potassium and Sodium balance, and red blood cell formation. Also vital for normal cell growth and division, and the synthesis of RNA and DNA. Involved in more biological functions than any other single nutrient with the possible exception of Vitamin E. In once clinical study, approximately one-third of a healthy elderly population had marginal Vitamin B6 deficiency. Supplementation with the vitamin in elderly subjects has produced significant improvement in immune function as determined by a number of laboratory tests, including lymphocyte responses to both T and B cell mitogens. Pyridoxine was also studied as a possible treatment for the relief of symptoms of PMS. Results of the early study were encouraging, and a larger, more intensive study has been called for.

Recommended Dietary Allowances: Men = 2 mg; Women = 1.6 mg; Pregnant Women = 2.2 mg

  • Necessary for the synthesis & breakdown of amino acids, the building blocks of protein
  • aids in fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • aids in the formation of antibodies
  • maintains the central nervous system
  • aids in the removal of excess fluid of premenstrual women
  • promotes healthy skin
  • reduces muscle spasms, leg cramps, hand numbness, nausea & stiffness of hands
  • helps maintain a proper balance of sodium & phosphorous in the body
  • Nervousness
  • insomnia
  • skin eruptions
  • loss of muscular control
  • anemia
  • mouth disorders
  • muscular weakness
  • dermatitis
  • arm & leg cramps
  • loss of hair
  • slow learning
  • water retention

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